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What we do
At Lands and Survey we provide the best service possible in all matters relating to land. We offer the full gamut of surveying, resource management planning and civil engineering solutions. The projects we undertake range from two-lot subdivisions to major infrastructure works, and our clients span the length of New Zealand and beyond.

How we work
In our line of work, service is the name of the game. We are committed to working collaboratively and professionally every step of the way. We ensure our clients’ success through careful fiscal planning, meticulously prepared timelines and plain hard work.

Our history
It’s amazing how many people think we are a government department. In fact, Lands and Survey Ltd started life in 1974 as Hodges and Elrick, a partnership between Bob Hodges and Mike Elrick.

Since then we have grown in both size and scope despite some turbulent economic times – a fact we attribute to our ability to adapt and innovate in the market. Lands and Survey now has head offices in Auckland, Whangarei and Christchurch, supported by satellite offices in Dargaville, Wellsford, Dunedin and Queenstown. 

The company is headed by Jeremy Elrick, son of co-founder Mike. Jeremy not only has surveying ‘in his blood’, he has almost 20 years of professional experience to back it up. Under his leadership, Lands and Survey continues to thrive and provide a level of service second to none. 

At Lands and Survey we understand the importance of both human and technological expertise. We employ a talented team of licensed surveyors, engineers and planners and support them with leading edge technology.


Surveying is one of the world’s oldest professions. From ancient Egypt to modern GNSS surveying techniques the fundamentals have remained the same. 
Surveying involves being able to measure the lie of the land accurately and precisely, and represent it in two or three-dimensional format. In the reverse, surveying is also the art of interpreting two-dimensional designs and figures in the real world. Whether it’s a complex mechanical structure requiring precise set-out or interpretation of 100-year-old title plans, our team has the skill and experience to ensure you get the right information and advice.
At Lands and Survey we employ Licensed Cadastral and Certified Engineering Surveyors. Our survey services include, but are not limited to:
  • Topographical Surveys 
  • Boundary dispute resolution.
  • Title and ownership advice
  • Pre-purchase/sale property title and boundary reports 
  • Cadastral (Legal Boundary) Surveys - Such as, subdivisions, unit title surveys and Boundary definitions 
  • Engineering Surveys and construction setout 
    • Bulk Earthwork
    • Concrete, Structural, Mechanical and Piping
    • Infrastructure
  • 3D laser scanning and UAV Lidar surveys 
  • BIM integration 
  • G.I.S surveys 
  • Precise farm mapping for more efficient pasture control 
  • Machine control specialists – construction and agriculture
  • Control, monitoring and deformation surveys
  • Maori Land Surveys
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Lands and Survey provides professional planning and resource management services across New Zealand, spanning a range of development and policy areas.
As professional surveyors, engineers and planners we have comprehensive knowledge in all facets of resource management. Our expertise spans everything from legal frameworks, functional and practical design considerations, right through to a sustainable end product. Over 40 years in business we have found that the earlier our involvement in project planning and design, the better the chance of success for our clients’ proposals.
Our resource management planning services include:
  • Resource consents (buildings, land, water, subdivision)
  • Assessment of effects on the environment (AEE)
  • development potential, feasibility studies and due diligence
  • project management of consents requiring multiple professional inputs
  • landscape and visual assessments (va)
  • spatial planning and policy
  • review of district and regional plans, including submissions to council
  • coastal planning and management
  • local development plans and consultation
  • private plan changes
  • structure planning
  • environmental management plans
  • sustainability reports
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Civil engineering and surveying are, and have always been, synonymous. At Lands and Survey we provide a wide range of engineering services for both public and private sector clients. 
We pride ourselves on taking a collaborative approach in everything we do and none more so than during engineering projects. Our vast experience has seen us deal with local councils, private developers and contractors on major projects throughout New Zealand. Our team have also been significantly involved in large engineering projects across Australia and as far afield as Uganda. Our specialist knowledge, combined with a personalised team approach means we can ensure your project, however big or small, is delivered on time, on budget and to an exceptional standard.
Our engineering services include:
  • Land development engineering
  • Infrastructure design (water, stormwater and foul sewer)
  • Contract administration and project development
  • Geometric road design
  • Pavement design
  • Investigation and research – feasibility studies
  • Construction contract documentation preparation
  • Tendering, evaluation and procurement
  • Contract administration and supervision
  • Environmental engineering
  • Aerodrome design, construction, maintenance and management
  • Safety management plans
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The high cost of equipment has made it prohibitive for many New Zealand companies to offer specialist surveying techniques. However, for many of our clients these services are not just an add-on but a necessity.
Recognising the needs of our clients has led us to develop a relationship with leading Australian company, Land Surveys. Via this exclusive relationship we are able to offer high end specialist services that would otherwise be unattainable.
Specialist services we can provide include:
  • Concrete scanning – nondestructive scanning for tunnelling, bridges, buildings and roadworks
  • Dilapidation surveys – record existing conditions and defects prior to commencing work
  • Monitoring – precise measurement of lateral and vertical movement, settlement and shortening of structures
  • Utility mapping (underground services) – validate location of existing utilities or search for unknown utilities
  • Architectural heritage – discreetly and safely capture existing conditions and generate 3D models, CAD plans and digital records
  • Design – laser scanning to ensure consultants, architects and project managers are making informed decisions 
  • Mobile mapping systems – complete mobile data capture for complex projects including infrastructure, waterways, construction and more
  • Modelling and visualisation – improve project efficiencies through enhanced 3D modelling techniques
  • Terrestrial laser scanning – fast, effective, accurate and cost-effective measurement solutions that reduce the need for visits to site
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Lands and Survey carry a range of highly technical equipment to ensure optimum results for our clients. Our long-standing relationships with Leica and Global Survey mean we can access 24/7 technical support when required.
  • Space Based Positioning
  • Leica GS12/14/16
  • Leica MS60 Multistation
  • Leica DNA Precise Digital Level
  • Aerial Mapping, Photography and Thermography 
  • Gatewing X100 (Land Surveys Pty)
Technical and Management Software
  • 12d Engineering Design and Surveying Software
  • LISCAD Engineering and Surveying Software 
  • Bricscad CAD software
  • Procision online project management software with client portals 
  • XERO  
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Whether you’re a developer, private landowner, territorial authority or farmer we can help you manage your land and develop your projects.
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